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I get quite very teary when I read the comments pouring in on social media; wonderful and special persons, sending in testimonies of their experience with my music. Here are just a very very very few:

My baby sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer and its been really hard time on me ,came across this song has brought so much hope and peace of mind to me. Thank you for a such an amazing and inspirational song.

– Lorene Smith | on WayMaker, Youtube

I had a miscarriage just 3 weeks ago i lost all hope i did not see any reason for living i had given up on myself anything everything but this song uplifted my soul from right deep down i kept asking myself why did it have to happen to me why me, i would listen to this song every day before sleeping and play it through out the night, when u sing u lifted me i would see myself being lifted from where i am which was a time of pain but i have so much joy now because it was a trying time but i overcame and i will look unto Jesus my author and finisher of my life. The devil wanted to distract me but i am focused! Thank you Sinach for this song i love you dearly the more i listen to your ministration i am uplifted

Gamz Nyakupinda |on No one Knows, Youtube

I am at the library studying for my finals and i am listening to this and i am weeping..i am sure everyone thinks its exam stress but i am just so so grateful for everything God has done for me….Lets just say this song saved my life.Only i know where God found me and where he placed me now….I could never express myself enough Jesus i love you!!!!!!!!

-Mandisa Phathaki | on No on Knows, youtube

This song ministers to my spirit like none I’ve ever heard. No one knows like I know what the Lord has done for me and that’s why I praise Him the way I do. Thank you, Jesus.

– Esther Pinkson | on No one Knows, Youtube



This song Way Maker is very special. It really played a big part in my Life about Jesus being a Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise keeper…its been sang all over the world among the church believers I know.
I like the title, the meaning, the truth about it….I believe it will work soon for my unsaved family…

I adopted you as my spiritual daughter..your Heart is Beautiful..
I meditate in your song.. Way Maker.. and I feel the presence of God Jesus the Holy Spirit ..this song comes directly from Heaven..Be Blessed in Yeshua’s Name

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