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Brand New Release, by Sinach, Matchless Love

Release date: September 20, 2018

Copyright: SLIC Inspire, 2018

Length: 9:31

I was a teenager, a freshman and away from home for the first time ever to face the world.As I looked at myself in the mirror everyday I saw all my flaws ( I can hear the teasing voices of my peers, ” … your lips are too big, you are too lanky, you are not pretty …nobody has ever made it from your side, your dreams are just fantasies, you watch too much movies, there are so many better than you,.. and so on”

Everyday I struggled with the inner voices of inadequacies, fear and discouragement and I felt so alone and away from family and my familiar surroundings then. One day, I was passing by and I saw a bunch of nicely dressed people in a bus and they asked me to join them to church! Ohhh yes I followed them to church and I heard the most amazing message!

Jesus loves you .Your past, present and future, He has taken care of. He will fill the emptiness in your heart with joy. …. Jesus took me in that day and came to dwell in my heart and I received a matchless love!


You went to Calvary Gave your very best, 

You died and rose again All for me

You said it is finished Oh oh oh

Now I sing Now I sing

Oh what a matchless love displayed

Oh what a glorious sacrifice

I am grateful for Your body

Grateful for the blood Jesus I love You

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