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Coming Soon – There’s An Overflow!


Pastor Matthew Efosa

Oh how Marvellous are your works oh Lord, thank you for an overflow of blessings in my life. Thanks Minister Sinach for saying yes to Jesus. I celebrate you

I just can’t wait!!! Sinach is such a vessel of God. I’m blessed to be alive in this generation.Can’t wait also,to see this woman of God in J.C.C parklands , Nairobi Kenya,for the D.O.Z convention!!
#there’s an overflow.

Ghislaine Normil-Pierre

May God continue to bless your ministry for it touches soul all over the world. I am an Haitian living in Boston, MA, your songs bless my heart and I cannot stop singing, praising the Lord. Keep up the good work, God is taking notes. Que le nom de Jesus soit loué.

What a glorious talent and blessing you are to the nations and the Kingdom of God. Your majestic songs are constantly played on the airwaves throughout the Caribbean – from Anguilla to Trinidad. We love you, Sinach. You have blessed my life in countless ways with your lyrics. May God continue to give you that flowing anointing to sing for His glory and our spiritual benefit!

Lovely song. Can’t wait to hear the full length; keying into the message of the song this month. God bless your ministry Sinach.

… Yes, i feel the Annointing and its just so much each time I see this highlight, bringing my heart to express my worship in tears. Love you Sinach, you’ve been a mentor and Inspired me through the years.

It’s fill with a great power. I love this song. It’s a blessing. Yes, the Lord is increasing our speed because the end of all things, the return of our King is near.

For me I’m not only excited about the song, there’s something about this song that pulls me like a magnet, I’m so so so expectant because I know there’s something for me in this song. Hallelujah.

Overflow! Thank you for sharing the word of God in your songs. You have encourage me to be my best. ❤️❤️?

Sinach, Thank you for your songs, they have edified me. you have been inspired by God himself by writing them. I am looking forward to your new song. God bless you.

Good evening my Sister. May God continue to bless and anoint you to sing His Music. I have been listening to your music for more than a year and each time I listen, it evokes praise and thanksgiving to our God. I am extremely concerned about the youth today and how it is so easy for them to get distracted and turn away from the things of God. My Prayer is that God will continue to use you to bring the young people into His Kingdom. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you for His Glory!!!

PS: I just discovered my ancestry through I learned that I am 30% Ivorian, 22% Congo and/or Cameroon, and 21% Nigerian. I am extremely glad and proud about this as I have felt somewhat discombobulated, not knowing my ancestry. However, we are all of ONE ancestry. Once one is born-again he is of the human race, better yet–the Kingdom of God……Amen, Amen & Amen.


Wow it will be great again, overflow by this song, I know my cup will overflow again. is a blessing to have you in this generation.

Wow great woman of God with great future.I’ll really love to be there ohhhh

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